Jackie from the SSPCA visited us as part of our ‘Living Things’ context. We all heard about the important work the SSPCA do in our community, P1-3 heard the story of how Polly the pigeon and was rescued and P4-7 played snakes and ladders while answering questions testing their knowledge of animals. Jackie was delighted to take away the bedding and towels donated by families and staff. The donations will be used in the animal centre. A very worthwhile, informative visit helping towards us being responsible citizens and effective contributors.

SSPCA Visit P1-3 SSPCA Visit P4-7


P1-3 fun, engaging Art lesson – balloon printing and pipe cleaner weaving. Caterpillars may have turned into centipedes.

P1-3 Art P1-3 Art 2


At a recent Assembly we were visited by representatives from Royal Tarlair Golf Club and Home Energy Scotland.  They were delivering the energy efficiency message and promoting the SCARF calendar.  They were delighted to meet a real life SCARF calendar competition winner!  For taking part in this work with them they awarded the school £250 which will be handed over to the Parent Council to go towards the Playground improvement funds.



 K’Next Challenge

As part of their topic work for Term 1 on Our Planet, the whole school took part in K’next workshops on Wind Power, Solar Power and making recycling robots.



Beach Watch Beach Clean

As part of “Our Planet” learning context and
with the support of Aberdeenshire Council Ranger Service we took part in a beach clean during Beach Watch Week.

img_21771 img_21881

Logo Competition

Last term our pupils, along with two neighbouring schools, entered a competition run by the local Community Council to design a logo to represent the areas it serves. We are delighted to announce the logo from one or our P1-3 class pupils was chosen as the overall winner and will be used in all Community Council correspondence.


Click on the link below to see the artwork and the finished logo

Community Council Logo