Albear is all packed up, dressed in his kilt and bunnet, with his Scottish souvenirs and pennpal letters, on his way home to France. Hope our twin school are as excited as we were when he arrives! Bon voyage 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇫🇷

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenge for P2-4 today. Done excellent solutions, well done 💡


Skills for Life

Team building, problem solving, cooperation, confidence building, skills for life Beach School fun in the sun for P2-4 today.



Congratulations to our P2-4 class on their fantastic presentations and models on French Landmarks. Well done for sharing with us all today and we look forward to hearing more at our French Cafe Open Morning 🇫🇷

Reading our french mail from College Albert Camus, Outreau. Spoke about what needs to go on an envelope and compared the difference in uk and french stamps 🇫🇷


Cara and Joy from Childsmile visited today to talk to us about a healthy smile. They were very impressed with P2-4’s toothbrushing routine 🦷 Some of the information they shared on the amount of sugar in some food and drinks was shocking! They recommend an app called ‘Sugar Smart’

Problem Solving

The elves were having a problem getting dressed so P2-4 had to help. There were so many different combinations and all the elves had to be dressed differently! Problems to solve, lots of thinking to do…..

Science Centre Trip

The concentration on every face says it all. Trip to Aberdeen Science Centre today. Full of exhibits to explore, workshops delivered by experts, engaging activities but most importantly FUN! Great way to develop deeper thinking on planned science outcomes.



There were some strange going-ons in our P2-4 class this morning. We looked for clues, worked out what might have happened, found poor Plop and made him a light because he’s scared of the dark. Like all good detectives we recorded our findings 🦉💡🔍

Learning Context

P2-4 spent a fantastic day at Huntly Falconry Centre today. They looked at all the birds, listening to the guide and asking lots of questions. They even got to handle the birds! The trip is closely liked to their learning context this term ‘The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark’ and ‘The Owl Babies’


Abracadabra 💫 Badger’s potion for a good friend, mixed and given magic with our magic wands. Fun, engaging writing stimulus, just look at our faces 😊

Mastery in Maths

Mastery approaches in full swing. Well done P2-4 👍

Maths Week

Maths Week Scotland, engaging, active, challenging, discussion, problem solving, thinking, cooperative to name but a few ✖️

Tattie planting to support ‘One Seed Forward’ local initiative. Please see further details on the flyer sent home today. An outdoor, coding, literacy, maths, environmental project to name but a few.

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Thank you P4 and P5 for creating and organising a challenging but fun Easter Egg hunt. Thank you to the Parent Council for donating the eggs we got as a reward for cracking the code.

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